What is there to do at Naard Creek Ranch?

Naard Creek Ranch offers many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. You can

  • hike in the badlands
  • hike the Lewis and Clark Trail
  • bring your camera to photograph breath-taking scenery
  • mountain biking
  • bring your own horses to trail ride
  • gaze at the stars in our wide open skies
  • hunt for fossils and Indian artifacts
  • view unique geological formation
  • in season hunting
  • view the ranch's rich historical sights
  • cross-country skiing
  • pick & photograph wild flowers

Naard Creek Ranch is also rich in wildlife, which you can observe in their natural habitat. Catch a glimpse if you can...

  • coyotes
  • deer
  • antelope
  • rabbits
  • eagles & hawks
  • horntoads
  • beaver
  • wild turkeys
  • raccoon
  • songbirds
  • grouse
  • pheasant
  • elk
  • bobcat
  • badger
  • muskrats
  • porcupines
  • and much more

Seasonal Activities at Naard Creek Ranch

  • Springtime brings nature anew. Along with this comes branding time in May.
  • From May until September cattle are moved from range to range for grazing.
  • July 3rd and 4th brings the big Independence Celebration in nearby Killdeer, North Dakota. It includes the Killdeer Mountain Roundup PRCA Rodeo, parades, fireworks, and much more.
  • Native American Pow Wows.
  • September is the start of hunting with the opening of bow and bird hunting.
  • Starting in November and going through March there is snow for cross country skiing (depending on the weather).

Area Attractions to Visit

  • Little Missouri State Park
  • Killdeer Mountain Battlefield
  • Medicine Hole
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Unit
  • Historic Medora & Theodore Roosevelt National Park - South Unit
  • Lewis and Clark Trail
  • Lake Sakakawea - Walleye Fishing
  • Little Missouri River - Catfishing & Boating
  • Area Museums
  • Golf Courses


What is there to do at Naard Creek Ranch?
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